Web Module reports: brand subscribers

    ExpertSender Web Module allows you to access detailed information and statistics about all events generated by your brand subscribers and the transactions that they have completed.

    How to access brand subscriber reports?

    To access brand subscriber reports, select Reports > Brand subscribers from the left-hand navigation.

    Brand subscribers reports

    Afterwards, the following view will be displayed:

    The reports contains the following data:

    • Events sent - the number of events which were generated by your brand subscriber's activity on the website
    • Clicks - the number of clicks performed by your brand subscribers on the website
    • Transactions - the number of transactions completed by your brand subscribers
    • Potential value - the total value of abandoned baskets
    • Converted value - the total value of sales related to ExpertSender Web Module activity

     Note that it is possible to group the data by date, month, website, event type, campaign, term, and currency.


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