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🚀 API update: limiting subscriber segment size 🚀

We are pleased to announce that a new method, UpdateMaximumSegmentSize, is now available in our Subscribers resource. You now have complete control over the number of subscribers in a selected segment, allowing you to limit it to any size. 📏

You can choose from three options:

  • 🎲 randomly selected subscribers,
  • 📅 newest subscribers,
  • 🗓️ oldest subscribers.

In the API request, simply provide the segment ID, the desired number of subscribers, and the sorting type:

  • 🎭 random: random order,
  • ⬆️ SubscriptionDateAscending: ascending sorting by subscription date,
  • ⬇️ SubscriptionDateDescending: descending sorting by subscription date.

With this API update, you gain greater flexibility and control over subscriber management. 🚀

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