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AMP content in D&D Editor v2 – new functionality 🚀

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced AMP content blocks, enabling the creation of interactive email messages. Traditional emails are static documents that limit interaction with the recipient. However, with AMP technology, recipients can now perform various actions directly within the message, such as filling out forms, adding products to the shopping cart, or browsing images, without leaving the inbox. This significantly increases recipient engagement and shortens the conversion path! 🚀

In the current version of the editor, three types of AMP blocks are available:

🖼️ Carousel: Allows the presentation of multiple images or graphics in a sliding gallery.

📜 Accordion: Enables hiding detailed information under buttons, making content organization and message readability easier.

📝 Form: Allows collecting data from recipients directly within the email message.

Things to know about AMP blocks:

  • AMP content is not visible in the message preview.
  • We recommend including a duplicate of the content that appears in the AMP block, but in static form, to ensure the display of email content even if it lands in a mailbox that does not support dynamic AMP format.
  • Proper configuration of duplicated content display is necessary, including the “Include in HTML” option in the block settings.
  • For an AMP message to display correctly to the recipient, it is necessary to enable dynamic emails in the mailbox settings and add our address as a trusted sender.
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