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API: exporting suppression list and creating new subscriber attributes πŸš€

Introducing the New Collection – SuppressionListExports! πŸŽ‰

Now, exporting suppression lists and monitoring export status is a breeze with simple POST and GET methods.

πŸ“€Β Exporting suppression lists: Need to export a suppression list? No problem! Utilize the POST method in your request, adding the API key and suppression list ID. Optionally, if you want to specify the data type, such as email, also include EntryType. And if you don’t specify any parameters, the system will automatically retrieve the email or phone number, depending on the list type.

πŸ”„Β Checking export status: Want to know what’s happening with your export? Use the GET method, adding the API key and export ID. You’ll receive the export status in one of four possible states:

Queued: Export is in the queue.

InProgress: Current export is underway.

Completed: Export completed successfully.

Error: Unfortunately, the export failed.

That’s it! Simple, isn’t it? πŸ’»πŸ“Š

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