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API: two method extensions in the Subscribers resource 🚀💡

We have great news for you – now you can track your subscribers’ activity even more effectively! 🕵️‍♂️ With our enhanced Get Subscriber information method, you’ll not only receive information about link clicks but also discover the location of the subscriber who landed on your page! 🌐📈

But that’s not all! 🤩 To make use of this feature, simply add the magical parameter geoDetails=true to your query.

In return, you’ll receive a wealth of real-time information:

  • 🌍 country,
  • 🏙️ city,
  • 📮 postal code,
  • 🌐 state.

We’ve also expanded the Get Subscriber activity method to allow you to retrieve the IP address from which the subscriber read the message.

Just add the parameter returnDeliveryIp=true to your URL, and in response, you’ll get an additional valuable column with the IP address. 🌐📈

The channel’s IP address will be available for the following actions:

  • ✅ confirmations,
  • 📤 sent,
  • 👀 openings,
  • 🔗 clicks,
  • 🗑️ deleted,
  • 🎯 goals.

With this information, you can analyze email deliverability more precisely, facilitating the identification of the IP address from which messages are most frequently opened. 📊🕵️‍♂️

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