Integration with Stripo

    As you know, Stripo has the ability to export freshly created email content directly to selected email marketing platforms. However, due to Stripo’s requirements, you will have to provide your API key and the instance on which your unit is located.

    This is what the form looks like:

    How to find that information?

    To get your API key and the instance, log into ExpertSender, click Settings, then go to Business Unit and click the API tab.

    By default the main API key is hidden. To uncover it, click on the eye icon. Then copy and paste the key into Stripo’s form.

    Your instance is shown in your APIv2 address. For example, if your address is, the bolded “3” indicates the instance where your unit is located.

    So, if your unit was on  instance 4, your address would be, on instance 7 - etc. Bear in mind that if your address looks like this:, then your unit is located on instance 1.

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