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Custom unsubscribe link

In addition to generic unsubscribe links, customized unsubscribe links can be inserted using Dynamic Content. After unsubscribing, subscriber will be redirected to specified, custom URL:

// generic unsubscribe link
<a href="${LinkUnsubscribe}">UNSUBSCRIBE</a>
// customized unsubscribe link with redirect to URL
<a href="${UnsubscribeLink('')}">UNSUBSCRIBE</a>

This URL can be created dynamically and even be unique for every subscriber if predefined variables and other Dynamic Content syntax are used to create it:

<a href="${UnsubscribeLink('' + MessageShortDate)}">UNSUBSCRIBE</a>
<a href="${UnsubscribeLink('' + SubscriberProperty('token'))}">UNSUBSCRIBE</a>
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