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Link that changes values of custom subscriber properties

Dynamic Content can be used to generate URLs that, when clicked on, would change the value of particular custom subscriber property. There are three types of statements available:

${PropertyChangeLink('', 'property_name', 'new value')}
${PropertyIncreaseLink('', 'property_name', '1')}
${PropertyDecreaseLink('', 'property_name', '2')}

The first statement will change the value of the custom variable to a new one. Can be used on any type of the custom subscriber property (text, date, number, etc). The remaining two can be used to increase or decrease the value of a particular subscriber property with the supplied value. You can use those two statements only on numbers. Using them on other types (like strings of text) will have no effect.

Be advised that clicking on the link will always increase/decrease/change the value of a custom subscriber property – if the subscriber clicks several times that value will be changed this many times.

You should also be aware that the name of the custom subscriber property and the value (new value, increase/decrease values) has to be provided as string – so even if you’re increasing a particular subscriber property integer value by one you should supply the number as string – ‘1’.

If you want to change the value of more than one custom subscriber property with on click you just have to supply additional pairs of property name and property value. Remember that the property name always goes first and value goes second.

${PropertyChangeLink('', 'property_name_1', 'new_value_1', 'property_name_2', 'new_value_2', ... )}
${PropertyIncreaseLink('', 'property_name_1', '1', 'property_name_2', '1', ... )}

There are no limits in the number of custom subscriber properties you can change this way.

Some examples:

<a href="${PropertyChangeLink('', 'pet', 'cat')}">
  I want to buy a cat!
<a href="${PropertyIncreaseLink('', 'clicks_promos', '1')}">
  See our new promos!
<a href="${PropertyIncreaseLink('', 'clicks_promos ', '3')}">
  Super promo offer!
<a href="${PropertyIncreaseLink('', 'credit_limit_requested', '2.500')}">
  Increase your credit limit by 2.500!

Please note that this won’t work correctly with subscriber properties values. In this example value of ‘SubscriberEmail’ will be generated only when sending the message to the first subscriber. All other subscribers will receive the same value (email of first subscriber), not their individual values:

<a href="${PropertyChangeLink('', 'who_likes', SubscriberEmail)}">
  I like that message!
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