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Web Module reports: websites

ExpertSender Web Module allows you to access detailed information and statistics about all traffic and events on the websites connected with the system.

How to access website reports?

To access website reports, select Reports > Websites from the left-hand navigation.

Website reports

Afterwards, the following view will be displayed:

The reports contains the following data:

  • Visits – the number of page views
  • Bots – the number of page views done by bots
  • Bounces – the number of visits which did not last long enough to be classified as sessions
  • Sessions – the number of full-fledged user sessions. A session is a group of user interactions taking place within a given time frame (by default, sessions end after 30 minutes of inactivity). 
  • Events – the number of messages sent by retargeting
  • Sales – the total value of sales related to ExpertSender Web Module activity on this website
  • Related transactions – the number of transactions which were related to ExpertSender Web Module activity
  • Related sales – the amount generated by the transactions related to ExpertSender Web Module activity

Note that it is possible to group the data by date, month, website, visitor type, and currency.


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