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Import reports

The aim of import reports is to track the performance of scheduled imports.

Depending on the type of imports, you may view reports on:

  • Subscriber list imports
  • Suppression list imports
  • Blacklist imports
  • Data Tables imports
  • TowerData merge information

Clicking on the appropriate tab will display detailed information on the selected task type. For example, in the subscriber list import report you can access the following data:

  • Import date
  • List
  • Filename
  • Total rows – the number of subscribers found in the file
  • Invalid rows – the number of rows which could not be added to due to an incorrect format
  • Duplicated rows – the number of rows which were already present in the database
  • Subscriptions added – the number of new subscribers who were added to the database during the import
  • System Rejected – the number of entries which were not added because of a system-based reason (for example, they belong to the global blacklist, or the selected import settings do not allow adding new subscribers)
  • Blacklisted – the number of subscribers who were blacklisted
  • Unsubscribed – the number of subscribers who cancelled their subscription


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