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Workflow reports

To access workflow reports, select Workflows > Workflows from the left-hand navigation and click on the statistics icon () next to the selected workflow's name.  You will gain access to full statistics on the workflow and all of its components.

The table at the top provides a general overview of the workflow performance:

The graphical representation of your workflow below displays how many subscribers have gone through each step of the workflow, how many are at a particular stage and how many have opened a given workflow message, clicked inside it or were converted.

Example report:

displays the number of subscribers at a particular event
displays the total number of subscribers that have gone through a particular stage
display the number of opens, clicks and conversions of the message respectively

It is also possible to view a detailed message report for each individual message used in a workflow. To view the statistics of a workflow message, select Workflows > Email Messages from the left-hand navigation and  click on the statistics icon () next to the selected message.

Another way of inspecting how your workflows function is via general Email summary reports. To access them, select Reports > Email Summary from the left-hand navigation, enter the desired date range and scopes. Then, from the Group by drop-down menu select Message type. The table will display detailed statistics on all your messages sent within the specified time grouped by message types (including workflow messages):


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