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Web Module reports: retargeting potential

ExpertSender Web Module allows you to access detailed information and statistics about all interactions with your reachable non-subscribers, i.e. the retargeting potential.

How to access retargeting potential reports?

To access retargeting potential reports, select Reports > Retargeting potential from the left-hand navigation.

Retargeting potential reports

You will see a table containing all of the relevant information on the retargeting potential interaction:

  • Emails sent – the number of emails which were sent to your reachable non-subscribers
  • Opens – the number of email opens generated by your reachable non-subscribers
  • Clicks – the number of clicks on the links included in the emails sent to your reachable non-subscribers 
  • Transactions – the number of transactions completed by your reachable non-subscribers
  • Potential value
  • Converted value

Note that it is possible to group the data by date, month, website, event type, campaign, term, and currency.

Below the table, the report content is also available in chart form.


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