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Email summary reports

ExpertSender allows you to access detailed information and statistics about all email messages sent from your account.

How to access email summary reports?

To access email summary reports, select Reports > Email Summary from the left-hand navigation.

Email summary reports

Afterwards, the following view will be displayed: 

Summary Reports

The report contains the following data:

  • Sent – delivered + bounces
  • Bounces
  • Delivered
  • Opens
  • Unique opens
  • Clicks – all clicks, including several clicks by one subscriber
  • Unique clicks – number of first clicks on any link by any subscriber
  • Clickers – number of unique subscribers who clicked on any link in any message
  • Complaints – clicks on the Spam button
  • Unsubscriptions
  • Goals – the number of times the landing page was reached
  • Goals value – the values with which the landing page was achieved

Opens vs. Unique opens

If one subscriber opens the same email three times, it will appear in the statistics as three opens and one unique open.

Clicks vs. Unique clicks vs. Clickers

 If a user clicks five times on each of two given links, ten clicks will be counted, two unique clicks and one clicker.

Statistics charts

For each of the columns indicated in the report, you can see a graph showing the dynamics of this variable over the period of interest.

Up to 5 variables chosen from the list presented above can be displayed on the graph:

By default, the time axis is grouped by month, if the reporting period is not shorter than a month (see step 1 below). When clicking on a specific value (step 2), the chart displays more granular statistics, grouped by days (step 3), and with the next click (step 4), by hours (step 5):

To navigate between the monthly, daily, and hourly view, use the History Back and History Forward buttons in the top-left corner of the chart.


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