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Miscellaneous FAQ

  1. Is ExpertSender integrated with TowerData?
  2. What are some of the most common mistakes that clients make when starting with ExpertSender?
  3. Do clients have separate logins for each unit they have set up?
  4. Can I use different click masking domains?

1) Is ExpertSender integrated with TowerData?

TowerData is an external email intelligence tool for marketers which helps you manage and grow your subscriber lists. It is possible to use TowerData alongside ExpertSender. In the Settings > Business Unit > TowerData tab you may enter your TowerData API key to gain full access to the TowerData API.

2) What are some of the most common mistakes that clients make when starting with ExpertSender?

The most common mistakes are:

  1. sending infrequently – when utilizing dedicated IPs, it is extremely important to send similar volumes each and every day; the reason for this is that ISPs do not like unpredictable email volume patterns from IPs they have never seen sending emails before; also, ISPs often measure complaint ratio in 24-hour intervals – so, if one day a client sends 100,000 emails, the complaints are being issued not only on that day, but also on the next day; if on the next day a client sends only 1,000 messages, but simultaneously there are 100 complaints received from the message sent on the previous day, then the complaint ratio skyrockets in an 24-hour interval up to 10%, which is 100 times more than the acceptable threshold (0.1%)
  2. not using throttling – throttling allows the delivery of a message to be slowed down; ISPs have certain limits of messages they accept per hour per IP and they are rather low for virgin IPs; by sending too many emails on fresh IPs without throttling there is a high chance of having a reduced rate, which means some of the messages get blocked
  3. not including unsubscribe links – legal systems in almost all countries (such as CAN-SPAM Act in US) require email senders to provide an easy way to unsubscribe (usually by including an opt-out link); even though with ExpertSender you can choose not to include footers and headers that usually contain these links, our clients are always advised to set at least personalized footers containing opt-out links
  4. sending too much – for the same reason as with throttling, our clients are advised not to start sending a very high volume; IPs need to get warmed up first by sending lower, high quality volume before increasing it in the future
  5. sending bad creatives or to mistakenly imported lists – emails that do not live up to recipients’ expectations or lists containing wrong or just old email addresses often heavily influence not only revenue, but also deliverability

3) Do clients have separate logins for each unit they have set up?

One login can have access to more than one of business unit. We can set up as many logins as the client wishes.

4) Can I use different click masking domains?

There is one default click masking domain set up for each Business Unit. You can find and edit it in Settings > Business Unit > Default Domains tab. If, for any reason, you would like to use a different link masking domain for certain messages, then there is a way to customize it. We allow the modification of the click masking domain for each list. You simply need to go to Subscribers > Lists > Settings icon of a list and in the Domain Settings tab enter and save the new domain. However, before implementing any changes to the click masking domains (either the default or custom one) please inform your Account Manager to double-check if the alternative domain is properly configured.


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