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Message types

Working with ExpertSender you will constantly create messages. Knowledge of their configuration mechanism will help you do this quickly and efficiently, allowing you to leverage the full potential of the platform.

There are seven types of email campaign messages in ExpertSender, which you may adapt to your specific needs and to your customers:

  • Newsletters – Messages which are sent once at a given time to a selected group of recipients.
  • Autoresponders – Autoresponders are follow-up messages typically sent after subscription. You may also schedule further autoresponders to familiarize your new subscribers with the brand and create customer loyalty.
  • Triggers – Trigger messages are based on conditions and events such as a subscriber's data updates, message opens, clicks, goals (conversions), dates or anything that requires activation via the API. E.g. an online purchase, or a subscriber's visit to your website.
  • Recurring – Repetitive messages which are scheduled via a customized calendar. For example, weekly offers, anniversaries or birthday messages. Messages can be scheduled for a specific hour on particular days of the week and/or days of the month.
  • Transactional messages – Transactional emails are sent after a successful transaction, e.g. booking confirmations, payment receipts.
  • Confirmation emails – Automatically sent customized emails with confirmation links for confirmed opt-in lists. If one proves ineffective, it may be accompanied by up to two confirmation reminders in the subsequent days to improve confirmation conversions.
  • Workflow messages – Messages which are sent as part of a workflow, a predefined scenario consisting of a series of events


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