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The following tables is an overview of all the API methods available:

ResourceResource descriptionURLGETPOSTPUTDELETE
TimeTime collection. Get current server time    
SubscribersSubscribers collection.
Get subscriber detailsAdd single subscriber or multiple subscribersDelete subscriber
MessagesMessages collection.
Get messages list or single message detailsDelete message
MessageStatisticsMessage statistics. stats for single message
LinkStatisticsMessage links statistics. stats for links in message
VendorStatisticsVendor statistics. stats for grouped by vendor
SummaryStatisticsSummary statistics. data   
ImportReportsReports about imports. data   
SubscriberStatisticsSubscriber lists statistics. data   
SplitTestStatisticsSplit test statistics. data   
TriggersTriggers collection. trigger messages
TransactionalsTransactional messages collection. transactional message
TransactionalsCreateCreates transactional message. Create transactional message  
TransactionalsUpdateUpdates transactional message. Update transactional message 
SystemTransactionalsSystem transactional messages collection. Send system transactional messages  
ActiveTransactionalsActive transactional messages collection. active transactionals   
SnippetsSnippets collection. snippets   
SuppressionListsSuppression lists collection. entry to a suppression listDelete entry from suppression list
CreateSuppressionListCreates suppression list Create suppression list  
ActivitiesSubscriber activities collection. subscriber activity log
ListsSubscriber lists collection. subscriber listsCreating a new subscriber listUpdate subscribers list
SegmentsSubscriber segments collection. subscriber segments   
GetSegmentSizeGet size of a segment. segment size   
ImportToListTasksImports to subscriber list collection. import task status and infoScheduling a new import
ImportToListRejectedSubscribers rejected during imports collection list of rejected subscribers   
ImportToDataTableTasksImports to Data Tables collection import task status and infoScheduling a new import  
NewslettersNewsletters collection. new newsletterPause or resume newsletter
FieldsCustom fields collection. list of custom fields    
TemplatesTemplates collection. list of templates   
HeadersHeaders collection. headerEdit headerDelete header
FootersFooters collection. footerEdit footerDelete footer
RemovedSubscribersRemoved subscribers collection. list of removed subscribers
SnoozedSubscribersSnoozed subscribers collection. list of snoozed subscribersSnooze subscriber Unsnooze subscriber
UnconfirmedSubscribersUnconfirmed subscribers collection list of unconfirmed subscribers   
BouncesBounced emails bounces list   
GoalsBusiness goals collection. a goal           
ExportsExports collection. export informationStart a new export  
DataTablesGetTablesData tables collection.    Get list of tables   
DataTablesGetData         Data in a data table. Get data  
DataTablesGetDataCountCount of records in a data table. Count rows  
DataTablesClearTableClear a data table. table   
DataTablesAddRowAdd row of data to a data table. Add row  
DataTableAddMultipleRowsAdd multiple rows of data to a data table. Add multiple rows  
DataTablesUpdateRowUpdate row of data in a data table. Update row  
DataTablesUpdateMultipleRowsUpdate multiple rows of data to a data table. Update multiple rows  
DataTablesDeleteRowDelete row of data in a data table. Delete row  
WorkflowCustomEventsWorkflow custom events. a custom event   
SignalSpamStatisticsSignalSpam statistics. SignalSpam statistics   
SmsMmsMessagesSMS/MMS messages collection. messages list  Delete message
SmsMmsNewslettersSMS/MMS newsletters collection. Create and send newsletterPause or resume newsletter 
SmsMmsLinkStatisticsLink clicks statistics for a single SMS/MMS message. data   
SmsMmsMessageStatisticsGeneric statistics (sends, clicks etc) for single SMS/MMS message. data   
SmsMmsSummaryStatisticsSMS/MMS full aggregated statistics with advanced grouping, filtering etc. data   
SmsMmsSubscriberStatisticsSMS/MMS subscriber lists statistics. data   
PanelLogsList of panel logs. panel logs   
UsersLoginsGet user login details. user logins details   
CheckMessageContentAllows to check message content domain links on blacklist message content check statusCreate message content check task  

* Unsubscribes, Removals and User Unknowns collections were substituted by RemovedSubscribers collection. New collection is more flexible and allows retrieving list of subscribers that were removed from lists for any reason.

Deprecated methods will be still available for some time in the API, but you are encouraged to migrate to new methods as soon as possible. 

If you integrate with the API for the first time, please DO NOT use deprecated methods.

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