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Email messages

ExpertSender API offers several resources and methods to manage messages. See the table below for available actions.

ResourceResource descriptionURLGETPOSTPUTDELETE
NewslettersNewsletters collection. Create new newsletterPause or resume newsletter 
MessagesMessages collection.
Get messages list or single message detailsDelete message
TriggersTriggers collection. trigger messages
TransactionalsTransactional messages collection. transactional message
TransactionalsCreateCreates transactional message. transactional message
TransactionalsUpdateUpdates transactional message. transactional message
SystemTransactionalsSystem transactional messages collection. Send system transactional messages  
ActiveTransactionalsActive transactional messages collection. active transactionals   
SnippetsSnippets collection. snippets   
CheckMessageContentAllows to check message content domain links on blacklist. message content check statusCreate message content check task  
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