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About Web Module

The ExpertSender Web Module is a brand new product which allows you to track and leverage customer behavior on your website.

With access to a visitor's website, product and purchasing data, all of your customers can receive highly relevant content that corresponds with their customer profile. In connection with other modules across a number of channels such as email, SMS and Web push, you may easily boost your eCommerce conversions and increase sales.

One of the options which the Web Module offers is product recommendations, which significantly increase average order values. ExpertSender offers tools which automatically identify on the basis of a customer's website activity which products they may be interested in. With the Web Module, you can also recover an abandoned shopping cart or an abandoned webform and send your customers a reminder to complete their purchase or registration. You may also track which products they have already viewed and send them 'Recently Viewed' notifications or, to entice them back, send them price drop notifications after they leave.


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