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Microsoft SNDS reports

Microsoft SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) is a useful Microsoft tool for email marketers which allows you to improve your sender reputation at many email domains. It gives you access to data about individual IPs you are using as well as to the Microsoft Junk Mail Reporting Program, which lets you improve your deliverability to,, and

ExpertSender lets you view Microsoft SNDS reports directly inside our platform. To access the SNDS reports, select Reports > Microsoft SNDS from the left-hand navigation.

The following view will be displayed:

Respective columns contain the following data:

  • Date
  • RCPT commands – the number of RCPT commands sent from the account in the specified period. RCPT commands belong to the SMTP protocol used to send mail and they specify one's intent to send an email to a specific recipient. For instance, the command "RCPT TO:<>" sends a request to's servers to confirm that it can accept incoming mail sent to
  • DATA commands – the number of DATA commands issued from the account in the specified period. DATA commands are elements of the SMTP protocol which establish the beginning of the message text and consist of the message header and message content.
  • User unknown – the ratio of messages sent to non-existent email addresses.
  • Complaint rate – the ratio of clicks on the Spam button in relation to the total number of sent messages
  • Trap hits – the number of messages which were to the so-called trap accounts. They are accounts maintained by which do not expect to receive any emails. Hence, if a message is sent to a trap account, it is likely that it is spam and the email address base was acquired without a direct consent of subscribers.

To learn more about Microsoft SNDS, consult official Microsoft documentation.


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