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Use Google Analytics with ExpertSender

Google Analytics is a tool for tracking website traffic. Enabling Google Analytics tracking makes sense for clients that are driving traffic to their own websites. If certain fields  (Google Campaign, Google Content, Google Source) are completed when creating a message, they will be automatically added to all URLs in the given creative. Then, if any subscriber clicks on these links and gets redirected to a landing page, the administrator of the landing page will have full information on the visit and the visitor in their Google Analytics tool ( They can use it to track such information as conversions or the average time spent on the website by the visitors coming directly from your email messages.

In order to start using the tool, all you need to to do is check Enable Google Analytics under the message editor and complete the fields:

Google Campaign and Google Source tokens can be used in a couple of ways. For instance, you can have a Google Campaign set with a date of an email send, so it will be easy to distinguish particular messages. In addition, you can put a part of the subject line after the date. Google Source is usually filled in with values that allow grouping sends into email streams. If you send frequent newsletters and blog post notifications, you can use “newsletter” and “blog” as token values.

Google Content is another token that can help you distinguish traffic coming from certain URLs. You can either set it to a constant value that will be added to all your URLs or you can alternatively have it set individually for all links by using “title” attributes next to your links in HTML. In this case, the Google Content token will be automatically filled in with the value set in the title parameter. This way you will be able to distinguish particular links from each other.

Here is an example of an HTML link with a title:

<a title="Homepage link" href="">ExpertSender</a>

Finally, there is the Google Medium token, which is added to all URLs used in the content of the message. However, ExpertSender automatically sets this token’s value to “Email”. This way, traffic of this type can easily be distinguished from other types of traffic on your website.


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