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Personalization tags

Personalization tags allow you to include fully personalized content in your messages. You may use the following data in this way:

  • data specified in system fields (first name, surname, email, domain family, etc.)
  • data specified in custom fields (gender, patronymic, name of personal manager and any other data that you store)
  • subscription details (date, time, IP address)
  • geographical location (determined by IP address)
  • system links (subscription manager, unsubscribe link, link to view the web version of the message, confirmation link)
  • date of message delivery
  • information about the list of subscribers
  • segment information
  • information about the current message
  • information about the sender

Including personalized information resonates with your customers and lets you establish a more intimate connection with them. Furthermore, it leads to more engagement from your subscribers.

Personalization tags have multiple uses, and which tags are available 

The following list contains all personalization tags available on the platform. However, please note that not all of them will be useful in all contexts. For instance, *[message_id]* is useless in the Execute code workflow event.

System Fields

*[subscriber_id]*Subscriber id1828
*[subscriber_email]*Subscriber email
*[subscriber_email_md5]*Subscriber email MD5 hashb58996c504c5638798eb6b511e6f49af
*[subscriber_domainfamily]*Subscriber’s email domain familyGmail, Yahoo,, AOL…
*[subscriber_firstname]*Subscriber name (as it appears in the field)John
*[subscriber_firstname_capitalized]*The first name of the subscriber in the standard form (with the first letter capitalized)Helen (even if the value of the field is HELEN)
*[subscriber_lastname]*Subscriber’s last name (as it appears in the field)Smith
*[subscriber_lastname_capitalized]*The last name of the subscriber in the standard form (with the first letter capitalized)Jones (even if the value of the field is JONES)
*[subscriber_name]*Subscriber’s first and last name
(the tag combines *[subscriber_firstname]* and *[subscriber_lastname]*)
John Smith
*[subscriber_vendor]*The source of subscriber datalanding_1
*[subscriber_trackingcode]*Tracking codepopup_form_1
*[subscriber_last_activity]*The date and time when the subscriber was last active07/20/2018 2:20:58 PM
*[subscriber_last_message]*The date and time of the last message sent to the subscriber07/14/2018 6:00:10 PM
Custom fields

Tags for custom fields are created as follows: *[subscriber_attribute_name]*, where name is the name of the custom field.

Subscription Details

*[subscriber_signup_ip]*Subscriber IP at the time of subscription192.168.23.123
*[subscriber_signup_date]*Subscription Date12/07/2015
*[subscriber_signup_time]*Subscription Time12:44:56
*[subscriber_signup_datetime]*Subscription Date and Time12/07/2015 12:44:56 PM
Geographical location (based on IP address)

*[subscriber_geocountry]*Subscriber’s countryGermany
*[subscriber_geostate]*Subscriber’s state/regionBavaria
*[subscriber_geocity]*Subscriber’s cityMunich
*[subscriber_geozipcode]*Subscriber’s ZIP Code81234
System links

*[link_preferencecenter]* Preference center linkhttps://clics…
*[link_unsubscribe]*Unsubscribe linkhttps://clics…
*[link_unsubscribe_multiple_lists_x_yy_zzz]* Unsubscribe link for several lists (x, yy, zzz – ID sheets of subscribers. You can specify any number of IDs, separated by an underscore – “_”)https://clics…
*[link_viewinbrowser]*Link to the web version of the messagehttps://clics…
*[link_confirm]*Subscription confirmation link (only for confirmation emails)https://clics…
Delivery date

*[message_day]*The day of the month on which the message was sent (number)28
*[message_dayofweek]*The day of the week on which the message was sentThursday
*[message_shortdate]*Short date when the message was sent09.28.2015
*[message_longdate]*Full date when the message was sentSeptember 28, 2015
*[message_month]*The month in which the message was sentNovember
*[message_monthnumber]*The month in which the message was sent (number)eleven
*[message_year]*The year in which the message was sent2015
Information about the list of subscribers

*[list_name]*The name of the listsubscribers_daily
*[list_friendly_name]*The friendly name of the listDaily Digest
*[list_id]*List ID72
Segment Information

*[segment_name]* Segment namesubscribers_france_female
*[segment_id]* Segment ID123
Message Information

*[message_id]*ID of the message123
*[message_guid]* GUID of the message6F9619FF-8B86-D011-B42D-00CF4FC964FF
*[message_subject]*Subject of the messageNew promotion only until the end of the week!
*[message_version_id]*ID version of the message (for a split test)6263
Sender Information

*[sender_fromemail]*Sender email address (from the From field)
*[sender_fromname]*Sender nameHenry Jones
*[sender_replytoemail]*Email address for
*[sender_replytoname]*Name for repliesHarry Black
*[sender_id]*Sender account id1028
The physical address of the sender (depends on the business unit settings or the settings of the subscriber list)

*[customer_city]*Sender’s cityMunich
*[customer_company]*Sender’s companyExpertSender
*[customer_country]*Sender’s countryGermany
*[customer_state]*Sender’s state/regionBavaria
*[customer_street]*Sender’s street1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
*[customer_street2]*Extra locationBC “Pyramid” 3rd floor, of. 324
*[customer_zip]*Sender index or ZIP125167


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