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Customer 360 profile

Customer 360 is a zoom lens that focuses on an individual client. It gathers all their behavioral data and statistics, including total spendings, last order details, or activity timeline.

To access the individual Customer 360 profile, go to the Customers > Customers. Then, browse the grid table or use the quick search function to find a customer you want to inspect. Click the Customer 360 icon in the last column.

The customer profile consists of two parts. On the left, you will find customer statistics and personal details. On the right side, you will see the customer’s activities in your online store, both past and in real time.

Customer 360 – statistics and personal details

Let’s break down all the details you will find in this part, step by step.

The top panel on the right is a visit card that shows the customer’s first and last name, email address, the date when the customer profile was created, and their RFM segment. You will also find an edit button there to manage customer details.

Below that, there is a set of purchase statistics. The first three tabs present:

  • Total spent – the amount of money the customer has spent since their profile was created. It   includes the number of total orders and total order returns.
  • Average order – the average order value, including average product price point,
  • Last activity –the customer’s most recent action on your website, or any activities related to emails.
What currency are the amounts shown in?

We show amounts in the currency you chose when you signed up for ExpertSender CDP. If your account has websites using different currencies, we change those amounts to the currency you picked when you signed up.

Next, two panels provide details related to the customer purchase process.

The Cart panel shows the value and status of the customer’s cart. It also displays all the products with their prices that are waiting to be purchased. If there’s more than one product in the cart, you can browse them using the arrows available on the side.

In the same window, you also have access to customer’s wish list. There you will find information about the total value of the products on the list and details about each product, including a photo, name, and price. Use the arrows to navigate through the list.

Use the switch to switch between the cart view and the wish list.

Depending on you your account settings, the value of last order will represent:

  • Total order value, including discounts, shipping costs and other applicable charges.
  • Total product value, which refers to the sum of standard product prices without discounts, shipping costs or, other charges.

The last section displays customer details:

  • Personal data, such as first and last name, gender, and date of birth,
  • Contact details, including email address, phone number and CRM ID number,
  • Custom attributes, a list of customer characteristics used to segment customer into groups based on their behavior,
  • Consents for marketing communication, both granted and revoked by the customer.

You can edit all the data by clicking the Edit customer button in the top panel.

Customer 360 – timeline

The Timeline panel illustrates the customer journey through your website. It shows both past customer activities and real-time events. All actions are sorted in order they occurred, with the latest activity at the top.

Each activity is presented in a separate tabs and include standard information:

  • Name of the activity, e.g., consent granted, email clicked.
  • Number of business unit, e.g., #20.
  • Activity details, such as name of the consent or email subject.
  • Time when the activity took place, e.g., 4 days ago, a month ago.

The activities monitored in real-time are marked with a red dot and labeled Live. The website address displayed in the tab is continuously updated to reflect the customer’s journey through your website.

If an activity, such as placing an order or an email bounce, provides more information, it will be available under the arrow located at the bottom edge of the tab. Click it to access the full list of actions, with the latest displayed at the top. Each action is presented with:

  • Action type – page visited, product visited, added to cart, purchase confirmed.
  • An URL address where the action was performed. The URLs are active and will take you to the respective page.
  • A timestamp – exact date and time the action took place.

When the customer completes a purchase, the red dot mark is replaced with a green icon and an Order status.

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