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Landing pages

Landing pages are simple pages that serve a single purpose or convey a single message. 
In ExpertSender CDP, you can add custom landing pages for the following actions: 

  1. Subscription confirmation pages – it contains two spots for links to pages that will be displayed:
    • When the subscription is successful.
    • When the has already subscribed.
  1. Unsubscription pages – also contains two spots for adding links to the pages that will be displayed:
    • When a user successfully unsubscribes from a list.
    • When the user ha already unsubscribed.
  1. Broken link page– here you will find two spots for links to pages informing about non-working or invalid links. Pages will display:
    • When the shared link does not work.
    • When the link has expired.

If your landing pages are not ready yet, we will display the following system messages:

Successfully subscribed

Already subscribed

Successfully unsubscribed

Already unsubscribed

Broken link

Expired link

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