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General settings 

This section contains the settings for the business unit you log into and run marketing activities on. These settings are taken care of by your Account Manager when they are creating your business unit in ExpertSender CDP. 

Your Account Manager enters the following data:

  • Name – i.e., the name of the business unit.
  • Website address – the URL address of the website where activities will be carried out, e.g., where pop-ups will be displayed, and order data will be collected.
  • Organization – name of the company or the owner of the account. Please note that one organization can have multiple business units in ExpertSender.
  • Time zone – set in relation to Central European Time (CET). Consider choosing the appropriate time zone, especially when marketing to audiences from a different time zone than yours.
  • Country – the country in which your organization or business unit is active.
  • Currency – all amounts in ExpertSender will be displayed in this currency. If you collect order data in different currencies, it will be converted and displayed in the currency that has been set here.

In General settings you can add or change the company logo that will be displayed next to the business unit name in the settings bar at the top. In the icon URL field, enter the URL address where the favicon file with the logo is available.

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