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Wishlist, also known as a shopping list, want list, or simply as favorites, is a popular tool used by online stores. It lets the customers save and organize browsed products they liked and plan to buy. A well-designed wishlist boosts customer engagement and provides valuable behavioral data.

With ExpertSender CDP platform, you can easily track customer interactions with the wishlist on your online store. This helps you understand their shopping preferences and habits. You can then use this data to create tailored communications and offer customers unique product recommendations.


To track customer interactions with the wishlist, you need to set up the Web Tracking channel. It records the following customer actions:

  • Adding products to the wishlist,
  • Removing products from the wishlist,
  • The current status of the wishlist, showing what products are currently on a customer’s wishlist.

If you want to send product recommendations to your customers based on their wishlist or display these recommendations while they browse your store, your plan must include the recommendation module.

Access wishlist in Customer 360 profile

The Customer 360 profile contains the detailed information about every customer’s wishlist.

To access it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Customers > Customers.
  2. Choose a customer you want to investigate, using search tool or selecting from the list.
  3. Click Customer 360 icon.
  4. Find a panel that displays the Cart content.
  5. Use toggle to switch between the Wishlist and the Cartviews.

Additionally, every customer action within the wishlist, such as adding or removing products, is recorded on the timeline.

Use wishlist as a filter in scenarios

Wishlist is used by the customers as a convenient storage space for the products they plan to purchase later, such as during a seasonal sale. For this reason, To target these customers with spot-on communication, wishlist became a filter in scenario Price drop starting point.

With this filter, you will narrow down the group of customers entering the scenario to those who:

  • Currently have the product on wishlist,
  • Added products to wishlist within a certain time period.

How to access the wishlist filter in a scenario?

  1. Go to Automation > Scenarios.
  2. Click Create scenario.
  3. Drag and drop the Price drop starting point into the working space.
  4. Go to For customers who section, select one of two options:
    1. Currently have the product on wishlist.
    1. Added to wishlist products in the last # days.
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