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Automating customer data transfer from signup forms

Your online store’s customers provide their contact details in various ways, e.g., by subscribing to your newsletter, creating an account, or filling out a form in exchange for perks, such as a discount code or an e-book. 

You can automate the process of uploading this data to the platform in three ways: 

Method 1 – API

Description of the method: You can transfer customer information (e.g., contact details or marketing consents from any forms they fill – both custom-made and predesigned by ExpertSender) to the platform using API queries.

Documentation and usage: You can read a detailed description of the API method and instructions on its use in the article: Clients – API methods.

Method 2 – forms created using ExpertSender CDP

Description of the method: You can provide information about customers using forms created directly in the platform. After configuration our forms will automatically add your new customers to the platform, assigning them selected marketing consents and features.

More Information: To learn more about creating and configuring forms in ECDP, read the article on Forms.

Method 3 – scraping existing forms

What is website scraping?
Website scraping is the process of automatic extraction of data from websites. Scraping tools analyze the structure of a website, identify interesting elements and extract them for further use. The purpose of scraping is usually to collect data in a structured way for, e.g., data analysis, market research or price monitoring.

Scraping forms from the website: If your website already has a form collecting customer data and marketing consents, we can scrape them using a properly configured script. When a new customer leaves their data in a form, the script will automatically transfer them to the platform along with a set of marketing consents they granted.

Integration of our script with your form: We perform integration individually for each online store, as it requires adapting our script to the characteristics of your website.

Each of the above methods allows for effective and automated handling of new customer registrations. Choose the one that will give you the greatest flexibility while increasing the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

Contact our customer service department, inform about your willingness to use such a service and indicate the forms you want to scrape.

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