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In the SMS section you will find a list of the SMS gateways you have configured, as well as the domain address for your shortened links. 

In this tab, you can add your own domain for shortened links that you will be including in your SMS messages. This feature is important, as the length of your links is counted towards the total number of characters in your SMS messages. 

Please note, however, that it is not mandatory to add this domain for the SMS service to operate. 


Here you have a list of your configured gateways:

  • ID – Identification number of the gateway, assigned in the order in which they were added to the platform.
  • Senders – The number of senders in a given gateway. One sender means one phone number or name from which you send messages. The sender details are hidden in the drop-down list, available under the arrow next to the ID. It contains:
    • Sender status – active or inactive.
    • Sender’s name
  • Name – The name of the gateway given during its configuration in the platform.
  • Gateway – The name of the gateway selected during configuration. Currently, you can only choose SMSAPI, as it is the only provider that has been integrated with our platform. We are currently working on including other popular gateway providers.
  • Callback – The URL necessary to receive delivery reports and information about the number of clicks on shortened links.
  • Actions that can be performed on the selected goal:
    • Edit
    • Update senders list – Use if the number of senders in your SMSAPI account has changed. 
    • Delete
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