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Importing customer consents

You can upload consents granted by your customers in three different ways:

  1. During the import of customer data.
  2. As a separate upload.
  3. By manually assigning consents to a customer. We recommend this only for a small batch of data.

To ensure proper data upload, add the consents you want to use in Settings.

Preparing the file for import

Prepare the consent data in a file:

  • The file should contain at least one of the following customer data types: CRM ID, email address, phone number.
  • The consent name in the file should match the consent name you have already added to the platform.
  • If you have multiple consents, each one should be put in a separate column.
  • For each consent, enter ‘1‘ if the customer has given consent, and ‘0‘ if the customer has not provided consent. Repeat this step for all the consents.

Requirements for the file:

  • The import file must be in one of the following formats: CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX or ZIP.
  • The max file size is 28 MB for the mentioned formats.
  • The character encoding should be UTF-8 to ensure proper import.

How to import consents?

The process for importing consents is the same whether you import them together with customer data or separately.

  1. Go to main menu and select Customers > Customers.
  2. Click the Import customers button.
  3. Click Select file.
  4. Select the file location on your computer and click Open. The file will be uploaded to the platform.
  5. Choose the import type. This will help you to handle data for both new and existing customers in case you import them multiple times:
    • Add new and update existing customers.
    • Add new customers without updating the existing ones.
    • Update existing customers without adding new ones – this option is best if you are only adding consents.
  6. Choose the primary identifier for each customer:
    • Email.
    • Phone number.
    • CRM ID.
  7. Toggle on Replace with empty value if you want to import customer data with missing data the mentioned primary identifier field.
  8. Click Advanced settings to:
    • Select the separator used in your file. For a CSV file, the separator character is a comma, for TXT format, it is a tab.
    • Inform if your file has headers. Toggle this option on if you file includes column names.
    • Select character encoding applied in your file.
  9. Below, you see a sample of how your data will appear after import. If the result is not as expected, you need to map the columns.
  10. If the data displays correctly, click Save.

The import will start, which usually takes a few minutes depending on the amount of data in the file. More data will take longer to import.

Once the import is complete, you will receive a notification, which you can find in the main menu under the Notifications section.

Manually assigning consents to customers

You can add a new consent directly to a customer’s profile. Here’s how:

  1. Go to main menu and select Customers > Customers.
  2. Use the quick search window above the grid to find the customer you want.
  3. Click the Customer 360 icon to access the customer’s profile.
  4. Click Edit customer button to open a window.
  5. Go to Consents section and toggle on the respective consents for this customer.
  6. Save changes.
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