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Quick search is an internal search engine, which allows you to quickly filter data in Expert Sender CDP platform in the following tables:

In the first search engine window, you will find a list of criteria by which you can filter the data. In addition to standard data, such as email address, first name and last name, you can search for data by the date of the last event, type of consent or total spent. 

By default, one search criterion is set. You can add up to 10 additional criteria to narrow down the data. You can add them by clicking the Add another filter button. To remove them individually, click the Trash icon next to a filter. Clicking Clear all will remove all filters in one go. 

When you change one of the selected criteria, click Search again to refresh the search results. The changes you make will not affect the remaining criteria. 

Standard types of search criteria:

  • Text, e.g., first name, name, URL, email, product ID, order ID – When selected, an additional empty window will pop up where you can enter the text you are looking for.
  • Number or currency, e.g., total spent, number of recipients, order value – Enter the range of the value you are looking for: greater than or equal to, less than or equal to, between (inclusive).
  • Date and time, e.g., created, date of birth, last edited date – Search for an event by entering a date and time range: later than or equal, earlier than or equal, between (inclusive).
  • Selection criterion, e.g., attachment, consent required – choose from: yes, no, type of consent and its status (granted, not granted, waiting for confirmation).

After selecting your criteria, click Search and a table with results will appear. If there is no data in the selected criterion, the search engine ignores it in the results.

You can sort search results in columns. Just click on the column name and the values in it will get arranged in descending order. Click it again to reverse the order.

Unique search criteria:

These are the criteria you had added before importing customer and order data, and product features to ExpertSender: 

  • In the Customers panel, these are the customer characteristics set in the Settings > Customers
  • In the Orders panel, these are the order and product characteristics set in the Settings > Orders.
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