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Here you can manage all users of your ExpertSender account – those who have access to your websites and stores, and run marketing activities, such as sending emails, managing campaigns or creating scenarios. 

All users are displayed in table form with the following details: 

  • Email – User’s email address provided when creating his or her account. 
  • Name – User’s name. 
  • Role – User’s role within the platform: client, administrator. 
  • Last login attempt – The date and time of their last login to the platform. If they have not activated their account, this field will be empty. 
  • Login – The result of the login attempt: successful, failed. 
  • Status – The status of the user account: active, suspended, blocked (after an unsuccessful login attempt), unused (waiting for activation). 
  • Columns with actions you can take for the selected account: edit, delete, generate activation link. 

You can view deleted accounts by clicking the Show deleted users option above the table. You can also set the number of rows displayed in the table at the bottom right. 

Create user account 

  1. Click the Create account button above the table on the right. 
  1. Fill in the fields with user data – their email address and name
  1. Set the password
  1. Select the language for their account. 
  1. Specify the user role: client, administrator. 
  1. Specify the business units to which they will have access. 
  1. Click Save
  1. The user will receive an email with an activation link valid for 3 days. 
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