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Adding order and product attributes 

Attributes are a type of data that describe the products in your store and the orders placed by your customers. With their help: 

  • You can create precise customer segments. 
  • You can learn about customer purchasing preferences (available in the Customer 360 panel). 
  • You can learn the details of customer orders (available in the Orders reports). 
  • You can use extensive search filters in selected tables (available under the funnel icon). 

In the ExpertSender CDP platform we use two types of attributes: 

  • System attributes – built-in general order and product attributes. 
  • Custom attributes – unique order and product attributes that you can add in the platform. 

You can add custom order and product attributes before importing data from a file or when you want to add order information to the platform via the API.

Order system attributes

In ExpertSender CDP platform you will find following system attributes that relate to order data:

  • Order ID
  • Order date
  • Order value
  • Currency
  • Website ID
  • Customer email

Product system attributes

And here is a list of system attributes related to product data:

  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Product price
  • Product quantity
  • Product URL
  • Product image URL
  • Product category
  • Return quantity

Create custom order and product attributes 

You can create product and order attributes in the Settings section, in the Orders subsection. 

To create a custom order attribute: 

  1. Go to the Order attributes tab. 
  1. Click the Add order attribute button. 

To add a new custom product attribute: 

  1. Go to the Product attributes tab. 
  1. Click the Add product attribute button. 

The next steps for creating product and order attributes are identical. 

After clicking the button, a new window will open with fields you need to complete. In the Name field, enter a unique name for the attribute that will easily distinguish it from others. 

  1. In the Type field, select the data type specific to this attribute. Choose from the available options: 
    • String – It means a string of characters, e.g., order status, delivery method. This field can contain a maximum of 256 characters. 
    • Text – This field stores longer text information, e.g., the browser or operating system used by customers, color, brand or type of product. Note that this text-based data is not available in segmentation, so you won’t be able to build a customer segment based on it. 
    • Number – This option displays any integer, e.g., the average number of orders in a month. 
    • Number – This option displays any integer, e.g., the average number of orders in a month. 
    • Date – This field stores the date, e.g., the date of the first order. 
    • Date and time – This field stores the exact date and time. 
    • Selection list – It allows you to add, e.g., a type of loyalty card. 
    • Yes/No – This checkbox can store information about, e.g., free delivery. 
    • URL – This field stores the URL. 
  2. In the Description field, enter additional information about the attribute, e.g., in what situation it should be used, for which product segment or promotional campaigns it was created. 
  3. Click Save. The new attribute is now ready and will appear in the table. 
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