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How to add a Preference Center link to your email?

The Preference Center is a feature designed to provide your customers with control over their personal data and communication preferences.

Within the Preference Center, customers can access and manage their selected information and consent choices. This allows them to modify their data, and easily grant or revoke marketing consents, such as newsletter subscriptions.

  1. Open the email message editor.
  2. Next, go to Content menu > Blocks.
  3. Drag and drop a Text block onto the working space.
  4. Type in the text which you want to act as a Preference Center link, e.g., Manage your preferences.
  5. Highlight the text.
  6. In the text edit toolbar above the working space, click the Change link icon.
  7. In the edit menu on the left, go to the Link section and expand the dropdown menu.
  8. Choose Preference Center link. You will see a dynamic content code next to the Preference Center link label. Do not edit or remove the code, otherwise the link will not work.
  9. Style the link to your liking.

You can create a module with a link to the Preference Center in the editor, ready to use at any time. This way, you will skip the mundane process of adding and matching the link to your newsletter design.

The Preference Center will appear in the language your customer selects in their browser. For example, if they choose English, the Preference Center will be displayed in English.

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