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This is where we collect email addresses of the customers who, for various reasons, have been placed on the blocked addresses list. They are displayed in a table containing: 

  • Email – Blocked email address. 
  • Reason – Reason for blocking – the customer has been added manually, imported, the limit of soft bounces from the customer’s address has been reached, or the “unknown user” bounce has been received for user address that does not exist. 
  • Added by – Mechanism that blocked the address, e.g., EmailBouncerProcessor. 
  • Added – Date and time when the address was added to the list. 
  • Option to remove an address from the list. 

Once a customer’s email address is on the list, they will not receive any messages from you, even if they are still in your customer database. 

Email addresses are added to the list automatically, provided that the email channel has been configured correctly. 

You can add blocked addresses in two ways: 

  • By importing a previously prepared file – It should be in the CSV, TXT, XLS, XLSX or ZIP format and contain only email addresses; it cannot be larger than 31 MB. 
  • By manually entering a maximum of 1,000 email addresses. 
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