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How to add confirmation message for a newsletter subscription? 

The confirmation message to a newsletter subscription is an element of the double opt-in concept. It facilitates building an efficient subscribers’ database. 

Double opt-in involves collecting email addresses via a subscription form and sending a confirmation message to verify the recipient’s data before adding them to the list. It contains a link that the recipient must click if they want to receive messages from you. 

When are subscription confirmation messages used? They are sent, e.g., after completing the registration form on your website or after adding customer data to our platform via API. 

We provide each new account in ExpertSender Customer Data Platform with a system confirmation message, marked as Default message. If you want to use your own confirmation message, you can easily create it in our editor. Also, you can mark it as default to permanently replace the system message with it.

What are the advantages of the double opt-in model? 

  • Your database will contain only verified email addresses – your marketing messages will reach genuinely interested recipients. 
  • It is GDPR compliant – it proves that the recipient has agreed to be contacted (and that involves processing of their personal data) by clicking on the confirmation link. 
  • It improves the deliverability of your email messages – the number of so-called hard bounces on every delivery is low, and your sender reputation is kept safe. 
  • It makes it easier to maintain database hygiene – subscription confirmation message sent by email effectively protects against fake email addresses and spam traps being added to your database.

How to create a confirmation message? 

  1. In the side panel, select Settings > Consents > Confirmation messages
  1. Click the Create confirmation messages button. 
  1. Once clicked, a simplified version of the message editor will open. 
  1. In the Basic settings tab, complete the Subject and From fields. 
  1. Select tracking options
  1. Go to the Content tab. 
  1. Add confirmation message text. 
  1. In the text, add a Button which, when clicked, will redirect the recipient to the page confirming the subscription. The button options will appear in the panel on the left. 
  1. In the Link field, select Confirmation link. Dynamic content will appear next to it, which will redirect recipients to a landing page confirming the subscription – your own or the system’s. You don’t need to change or add anything to it. 
  1. In the Button label field, enter the text for the link, e.g., I’m signing up! 
  1. In the following sections, customize the appearance of the button to your preferences. 
  1. When the message is ready, click Activate in the upper right corner to run it. 

If you want to set the message you just designed as default, find its title in the table and select it in the Default message column. 

Landing pages that confirm user subscription 

The link confirming the subscription included in the message leads to a landing page informing that the subscription has been successful.  

You can redirect your recipients to: 

  • Your custom landing page, designed especially for this purpose, e.g., 
  • A system page, available on our platform. Use it if your subscription confirmation page is not ready yet. 

If you want to use your own confirmation page: 

  1. In the side panel, select Settings > Landing pages
  1. In the Subscription confirmation pages section, in the Subscription successful field, paste the link to the custom page you have created. 

In the same section, you will also find a field for a link to a page informing that a given address already exists in your database. Here you can also paste a link to your own page or use our system default one. 

If you prefer to use the system default page, leave the Subscription successful field blank. When creating a confirmation message, use the dynamic content of the Confirmation link. And that’s it! When a user clicks on the link in the confirmation message, they will be redirected to the system page. 

How to send a confirmation message after submitting the form? 

  1. In the side panel, select Automation > Forms > Create form
  2. Go to Triggers
  3. In the After form submission section, move the slider to select Confirmation message
  4. Click: 
    • Select message – Select a previously created confirmation from the list. 
    • Create message – Go to the editor and design your own message following this instruction: How to create a subscription confirmation?
  5. After activating the form, a confirmation message will be sent automatically to each recipient who completes the form.

How to send a confirmation message after adding a customer through API?

  1. Upload customer data using the POST method.
  1. Set the consentData > consents parameter to the following values: 
    • ID – ID number of the consent granted by the client. The numbers can be found in the table located in Settings > Consents > Consents
    • Value – Indicates the consent status. Enter AwaitingConfirmation, which means that the consent is waiting for confirmation from the client. Using this status will automatically send out a subscription confirmation message. 
  1. Send data to the platform. 
  1. You will receive a response with status 201, which means that the client’s consent status has been changed, and we have sent a confirmation message to them. 
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